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Take a look at the Urban Education Community Core Courses by jumping over to the UOttawa Teacher Education website

One-On-One Tutoring

Possible Projects for CSL

  • Support in AT’s classroom- small group, one-to-one, teaching once a week stand alone subject

  • Support in Resource Setting

  • Tutoring at lunch or after school

  • Literacy programs (reading with students)

  • Numeracy support programs

  • Social skills/mentoring projects

  • Peer mediation support

  • Technology training- assistive technology, maker space

  • Assistance in breakfast and lunch programs

  • Support for clubs or lunch hour extra-curricular activities

What to expect for the December 2 Week Block

  • The two-week placement in December provides the teacher candidate with an opportunity to observe and participate in the routines and course schedule/classes of the Associate Teacher over the course of two weeks.

  • Continue to support individual, small group and/or large group learning. In some classes this might be an opportunity to co-plan and co-teach a unit of study, to conduct an inquiry, or to co-develop learning centers.

  • Continue to participate in or implement the school-based project that was developed with the school staff assistance.

  • If the teacher candidate has not already done so, plan with assistance at least two large group instruction activities.

  • Assist in co-planning and co-evaluating an assessment piece or pieces. This brings the teacher candidate learning from their curriculum course into action.

  • Receive feedback regarding their progress to date in their CSL placement.  PED 3150 professors will provide a brief checklist that will help in providing guidance for second semester and the start of a plan for evaluated practicum.

  • Provide an extra support in classrooms and schools at a very busy time of year when schedules are not always consistent.

Year Two Expectations

The goal of the three-week community service placement is to provide teacher candidates experiences in alternate educational and community settings. The expectations and structure of the placement are dependent on the collaboration between the teacher candidate, the faculty representative, and the school or community partner.  In the CSL placement  the teacher candidate is supervised by the site placement supervisor and PED 3151 professor. Teacher candidates are expected record their hours and to submit a written reflection at the end of their placement

Final Capstone research project – Year 2

This capstone/action research project is designed to help students find and engage with the knowledge that pertains to their practice, making connections through reflection/research/praxis-pedagogy.  The capstone project is something that can be showcased in a teaching portfolio.

Individually or in a group, students engage in school-based initiatives. This capstone project could be classroom, school or community based, but links to an issue or concern that we have addressed in the urban cohort.  The project supports student/community-driven initiatives and also supports digital citizenship. This project is an opportunity to give back to your placement school by fostering student agency, voice and community building.  Our umbrella term for these initiatives is Students for Change, which grew out of an initiative at Ridgemont High School that has been shared across our school communities. As part of our partnership with the Urban Priority Schools, our aim is to support initiatives such as Students For Change.  This initiative is student-driven and is grounded in Ridgemont’s local and global school community. Features included awareness campaigns, fundraising and support for projects such as sister schools in Lesotho, collecting tabs for wheelchairs for those in need, hosting a Hunger Banquet, participating in Ryan’s Well, food and clothing drives for Syrian refugees, volunteer hours with homeless Ottawans including serving at soup kitchens, and rallying numbers of students to participate in a blood drive.

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