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Education Resources

We will continue to remain committed to providing our teacher candidates with the best opportunities for success! Come to this page to remain updated about current resources and support services for our UOttawa teacher candidates.

Partnership with Carleton University's Childhood & Youth Studies Students (2022)

Urban Communities Cohort professors, teacher candidates, and alumni are participating in a collaborative anti-racism initiative with Carleton University's Childhood and Youth Studies students, led by Dr. Leila Angod.  In an effort to develop anti-racism classroom resources, UCC teacher candidates and alumni have shared their insights around areas of need by participating in a survey and attending a knowledge-sharing session.  Carleton students in a third-year course called Race, Childhood, and Youth used critical approaches to race and anti-racism to develop the selected resources that are shared below.  Additional resources coming soon!


These materials are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License.  When sharing and remixing these materials to fit your classroom needs, please cite the authors.

Why We Wear Orange - Infographic (A. Monks)

Microaggressions in the Classroom - Youth Workshop for Grades 9 -12  by (M. Adai) 

2021 Black Excellence Forum OCDSB

What does Black Excellence mean? How can we work together as a community so that African, Black, African-Caribbean (ABC) students can envision and feel empowered to reach their goals and achieve their full potential?

The OCDSB will be hosting a four-part discussion series focusing on the topic of Black Excellence. The discussions are intended for parents, secondary students and staff.

These sessions will be live streamed over YouTube and students, parents and staff are encouraged to share questions in advance to influence the discussion

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